I develop and edit content for multiple platforms. My publishing experience ranges from printed monographs to online content, including copy editing and essay writing. I relish the research process, engaging with the subject and distilling complex concepts in a way that makes them accessible and relevant to a broad readership.

Prue Murphy, Special Detective, Emblem Books 2015

Bad Angle, Stills Gallery 2011

Barry Lewis, Pond 2010

Ben Quilty, UQAM 2009

To make a work of timeless art, MCA 2009

Adam Norton, Gallery 9 2008

Matthew Hunt, MCA 2009

Vanila Netto, BREENSPACE 2008

Jamie North, MOP 2007

Debra Dawes, MCA 2007

Alex Kershaw, McCulloch’s Encyclopedia of Australian Art 2007

Eleanor Avery and James Avery, Artspace 2006

Jess MacNeil, GBK 2006

Caroline Rothwell, GRANTPIRRIE 2005

Brainstorms, GRANTPIRRIE 2005

Lionel Bawden, GRANTPIRRIE 2004

Maria Fernando Cardoso, GRANTPIRRIE 2004