The Question

Ayla Meije Castanga, Taurize, France

Documentary project in production.

The Question is a short film and platform that explores the most fundamental question of human existence, what happens at the end of the mortal coil: is the end truly the end?

Regardless of the narratives that define our beliefs, we have a human inclination to believe that the story doesn’t end with our final breath. Contrary to rational, scientific and secular thought, most of the world’s population trust in an idea that there is something more after death, that we are more than just flesh and electricity, that life extends somehow beyond our time on Earth.

The Question encourages public engagement at all levels in conversations about the meaning and significance of death. The film is based on a series of interviews with a broad spectrum of individuals all asked to respond to the biggest question of all: “What do you think happens when you die?”  New scientific theories around consciousness will be juxtaposed with responses from individuals of all ages, gender, ethnicity and beliefs.