Museum of Contemporary Art

MCA Sydney. Photo: Daniel Boud

Assistant Curator 2002-03, 2006-10. selected projects:

To make a work of timeless art, curated with Isabel Finch, 2009
Primavera, 2002, 2006, 2008
Fiona Foley: Forbidden, 2009-10
Making it New: Focus on Contemporary Australian Art, 2009
Louisa Bufardeci + Zon Ito, 2009
avoiding myth & message: Australian artists and the literary world, 2009
Biennale 2008: Revolutions–forms that turn
They are Meditating: Bark paintings from the MCA’s Arnott’s Collection, 2008
The Hours: Visual Arts of Contemporary Latin America, 2007
Paddy Bedford, 2007
Masquerade: Representation and the self in contemporary art, 2006
Take a Bowery: The Art and (larger than) Life of Leigh Bowery, 2003-04
Liquid Sea, 2003
Dancing up country: The art of Dorothy Napangardi, 2003